Daily Cooking Class in Italy in Salerno on the Amalfi Coast

What to do in Salerno?
Take a Daily Cooking Class in our Cooking School

If you are traveling in Italy, Campania Region, visiting Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Sorrento, Paestum and all the beautiful places in the surrounding area of Salerno, then you should take a cooking class in our cooking school. You will have the cooking experience of your life. Our School is placed on the seaside, facing Amalfi Coast and our Chef will take you in a cooking adventure with all traditional italian food. You will learn how to make home made pasta, cooking fish, make mozzarella, prepare carbonara or amatriciana, make pizza and all special italian dishes that you have eaten in restaurants.
Here you will learn how we really do it, and at the end you will eat what you have made!

Let us know when you are traveling in Salerno and we will set up your cooking class! Price is 60€ per person, if you are a group we will give you a special price. Contact Us!